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Eight teams

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Q: How many teams in quarter final rugby?
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How many teams in a quarter final?

There are a total of 8 teams, singles or pairs at the quarter-finals of a tournament.

How many teams in the rugby world cup quarter finals?

A final requires just 2 teams A semifinal requires 4 teams (the 2 wining trams make it to the final) A quarter final must deliver 4 teams to compete in the semi final and thus there need to be 8 teams competing - no more, no less. This is true for ALL "finals" of two team sports, no matter how large the competition.

How many rugby teams world-wide are there and what are they?

How many rugby teams is there the whole world?

How many teams are at the Rugby World Cup 2011?

There are 94 countries commencing the knockout stages with 4 pools of 5 teams in the final tournament (20 teams in total)

How many rugby teams of the National Rugby League are actually located in Sydney?

there are 9 teams in sydeny

How many rugby teams are in the US?


How many professional rugby teams does New Zealand have?

There are 14 professional teams in the ITM cup competition for rugby union. However there are also rugby league teams as well as women's teams and the national team.

How many players are there there in a rugby team?

There are 13 players on the pitch in each rugby league side, as opposed to 15 in rugby union teams. The difference is in the forwards. Rugby union teams have 8, but rugby league teams survive with only 6.

How many teams are competing at rugby world cup 2011?

There are 20 teams competing in the 2011 rugby world cup.

How many teams are completing the rugby world cup?

20 teams this year!!

How many teams in quarter finals?

There are a total of 8 teams, singles or pairs at the quarter-finals of a tournament.

How many teams are there in the rugby world cup?


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