How many teams in nfl play offs?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In the NFL, 12 teams make the playoffs. Six are from the AFC and six from the NFC.

In the AFC and NFC, the two best division leaders get a first round bye.

Each of the other two division leaders play a wildcard team. Wildcard is the best two teams which are not a division leader.

The winners of those games each face a team with a first round bye.

The winner of those teams play each other.

The AFC winner of that game and the NFC winner then face each other in what is called the "Superbowl".

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4. 2 from each conference. In each conference #3 plays #6. #4 plays #5. #1 and #2 get byes. That is the Wildcard round. #4/#5 play #1. #3/#6 play #2. That is the Divisional Round. The winners play each other in the Conference Championship. The conference champions play each other after each one gets a week off in the bowl

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Q: How many teams in nfl play offs?
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they have to have enough wins to get to the play offs or they could get wild carded which is where 4 teams get a card chosen with there name on it and can get to the play offs. Once they have gone through the play offs they will play another game the winner will go to super bowl. One team from the Amercan Football Confrence and one from the National Football Confrence.

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