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The lowest three in the English Premier League standings at the end of the season will be relegated to the Premier League Division II.

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Q: How many teams get demoted from the premier league to championship in English football?
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Which is the oldest football championship in the world?

English Premier League.

Which is better the championship league or the premier league?

The English Premier League is the highest league in English Football, while the Npower Championship League is the league below the premier league. Financially and popularly, it is much better to be in the Premier League instead of the Championship League.

What is the league below the barcalys premier league english football?

The league below is the English League Championship.

How many team are in the football leagues?

in the English premier league there are 20 teams in the championship npower league1 and 2 there are 24 teams

How old is Football's English Premier League?

The English premier league was formed in season 1992/1993

What is better English Premier League or Mexican Premier Football?

There is no correct answer to that. It is an opinion.

In which league does Scunthorpe United play?

Scunthorpe United currently plays in Football League One. This is the third tier of the English football league, below Premier League and Football League Championship. Scunthorpe United was related to Football League One in 2011 after playing three seasons in the Football League Championship tier.

How many English football teams are there in all leagues?

92 there are 20 in premier league 24 in championship league 1 24 and league 2 24

Which football pitch is the biggest in the English premier league?

Manchester city have the biggest pitch in the English premier league

Who is the tallest footballer?

Stefan Maierhofer is an Austrian football striker. He is currently on loan at English Championship club Bristol City from Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers. At 6 feet 7½ inches (2.019 m) he is currently the tallest player in the Premier League, and the tallest person to play in English football.

How many teams are there in English football?

There are 20 teams in the Premier League, 24 teams in the Championship, 24 in League one and 24 in League two. There are 92 English league teams but There are other teams who are in leagues lower such as blue square premier league

The English Premier football club that won 2008-09 Premier League?

Manchester united

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