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there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament there were four(4) teams from Kentucky that played in the NCAA tournament

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Q: How many teams from Kentucky for March Madness 09?
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How many teams from Kentucky are in the 2008 March Madness?

Kentucky, Louisville, and Western Kentucky

How many teams make March Madness?


How many teams were in March Madness in 2000?


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How many teams participated in March Madness 2009?


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How many teams try to be part of March Madness?


How many teams qualify for the March Madness tournament?

Currently (2013), the NCAA selection committee extends bids to 68 teams for the men's basketball tournament that is known as "March Madness."

How how many teams will play in March Madness in 2011?

68 Teams will play in the 2011 tournament.

How many collegiate teams are featured in the March Madness tournament?


How many March Madness teams are from Kentucky?

(4) in 2012 UK UofL WKU Murray State University

How many teams played in ncaa March Madness in 2000?

64 64

How many California teams are in March Madness NCAA?

We are doing a project on this, and there are 5 California teams in The NCAA tournament (:

How many NCAA teams are in March Madness?

65, that's counting the ( play in ) game.

How many teams in March MAdness?

Since 2011 there are 68 teams that qualify to play in March Madness. The first round consists of four games and eight teams playing to determine the remaining 64 teams which play in the following five rounds. The last or seventh round known as The Finals is played by the remaining two teams.

How many teams particapating in 2008 March Madness are from North Carolina?

North Carolina, Duke, and Davidson

How many champions has Kentucky won in March Madness?

Kentucky has won 7 NCAA Basketball Championships - 1948, 1949, 1951, 1958, 1978, 1996 and 1998.

How many different combinations of games can there possibly be for the March Madness College Basketball Tournament with a field of 64 teams?


How many pages does A March to Madness have?

A March to Madness has 512 pages.

March Madness encompasses how many NCAA teams when it starts?

The NCAA Championship tournament features 65 teams in 4 regions playing within brackets to win the title.

How many teams are playing in March Madness?

68 go MSU! Hope this helps :) KamPerson