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8, the remaining 12 teams enter a play off to decide the champion who is then relegated into the Boonderzlieegha, which is a tiddly winks tourney with first prize 8 francs worth of hoarded swiss nazi gold.

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3. Juventus, Inter Milan and ac milan. AC milan have won 7 times, Inter 3 times and Juventus 2 times.

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Currently 3 Italian teams qualify. That can vary due to the system in place and if an Italian team wins the tournament. High ranked countries get more places.

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Q: How many teams from Italian league qualify for champions league?
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How many teams from England can qualify to the champions league Is it 4 or 5?

in england, 4 teams can qualify to the champions league.

How many spanish teams have played in the champions league?

The top two teams in the Spanish La liga qualify for the Champions League.

Which Italian teams have won the eufa champions league?

Three italian teams have won the Champions League. These are AC Milan , Inter Milan and Juventus.

How many English teams qualify for champions league if Chelsea win?


Do the top three fotll teams go into the europeon league?

In the English Premiership, the top two automatically qualify for the Champions League proper, whilst third and fourth place teams qualify for the Champions League qualifying rounds. The fifth team qualifies for the Europa League.

How many teams from England qualify direct to champions league?

4 or 5

How many teams from English premier league qualify for champions league?

4 teams qualify for the Uefa Champions League. In the premier league table, whoever finished 1st and 2nd goes through to the Champions league group stages automaticly, whilst whoever finished 3rd and 4th have to play in the 3rd round of the qualifing stage against a team from a different country. If they win....... They get to join the other teams in the group stages of the champions league, if they lose, they are out of it.

How many scottish premiership teams can qualify for champions league football?

I think the champions are automatic, runners up via the qualifiers

How many premiership teams qualify for Europa league?

The first and second place teams automatically qualify. Third and Fourth place teams go into a Champions League qualifying round. Fifth place qualifies for the UEFA Cup.

How many English premier league qualify for champions league 2014?

In every season, the top four teams in the English Premier League qualify for the champions league. However, If a team did not qualify at the end of a season, but wins the champions league, then the team in fourth gets knocked out of their qualifying spot for the champions league winners.

Which positions in the Italian league qualify for the Champions League?

That varies from year to year. It is based on ranking system of each league. When a country's league teams rank higher, based on their performances over the previous five years in the Champions League and the Europa League they get more places. The most a country can have is 4 teams, which is given to the top 3 countries. The next 3 countries are allowed 3 teams. Italy is usually within the top 6, so will get either 3 or 4 teams in a given year.

How many epl teams qualify for the champions league if the same team wins the league and f a cup?

Four clubs are chosen each year.