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He played for Manchester United,, Manchester city, Sporting Lisbon.

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Q: How many teams did peter schmeichel play for?
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Who did Peter schmeichel play for?

Peter Schmeichel played for Manchester United and then moved to Sporting Lisbon and lastly played for Manchester City.

What year did Peter Schmeichel play for Aston Villa?


Who are the goalkeepers to play in premiership at Manchester United since peter Schmeichel?

The goalkeepers to play for Manchester United after the departure of Schmeichel, are Fabian Barthez, Tim Howard, Edwin Vandersar, Foster and Tomax Krushack.

What team does peter schmeichel play for?

He's retired from Football, he had his best spell at Man Utd and Aston Villa, his son Kasper plays for Leeds Utd at the moment.

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