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DEI technically owned 1 team which is the number 1 of Jamie McMurray. But in the 2010 season DEI and Chip Ganassi Racing merged which brought in their driver, number 42 Juan Pablo Montoya.

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Q: How many teams did Dale Earnhardt Incorporated own in 2010?
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Why did Dale Earnhardt Jr switch teams after the 2004 season?

He didn't. His crew chief was reassigned within his team (Dale Earnhardt Inc.).

How much money did Dale Earnhardt Sr. earn in 2010?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. died on February 18, 2001.

Who was Dale Earnhardt Jr's crew chief in 2010?

In 2010, Lance McGrew was Dale Jr's crew chief.

How many wins does Dale Earnhardt Incorporated have?

Dale Earnhardt Incorporated won 24 Cup Series races while in existence. In 2009, DEI merged with Chip Ganassi Racing to form Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing.Dale Earnhardt Jr. - (17 wins)Michael Waltrip - (4 wins)Steve Park - (2 wins)Martin Truex Jr. - (1 win)

Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr's jackman?

In 2010, Mark Jacobs was Dale Jr's jackman for the #88 car.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Sr's son?

Yes. Dale Jr. is the late Dale Earnhardt Sr's son.

Where did Dale Earnhardt Jr. finish in the 2010 standings?

Dale Jr. finished 21st in the 2010 Nascar Sprint Cup Series standings.

How much did Dale Earnhardt Jr. earn in 2010?

In 2010, in a 36 race schedule, Dale Jr. earned $4,572,930 in race winnings.

Will Dale Earnhardt Jr. be in the 2010 Prelude to the Dream?

No, he didn't participate in the 2010 Prelude to the Dream.

Who is kelly Earnhardt?

Dale Earnhardt Sr's daughter and Dale Earnhardt Jr's sister.

Does Dale Earnhardt smoke?

Dale Earnhardt Jr does not smoke.

Who inspired Dale Earnhardt?

His father, Dale Earnhardt Sr.