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In the 1930 world cup there were 13 teams.

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Q: How many teams competed in the 1930 football world cup final?
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Which were the host teams that competed in cricket world cup final?


How many host teams competed in the history of cricket world cup final?

There were 14 countries in the world cup.

Which teams played the final of football world cup 2006?

italy and france

How many teams competed in 1978 world cup?

16 teams.

How many teams competed at the 1974 world cup?

16 teams

What teams competed in the cup final with Germany?

Germany has entered finals of world cup 7 times and has competed with Hungary, England, Netherlands, Italy, two times with Argentina and once with Brazil.

How many teams originally competed for a place in the 2010 World Cup?

204 teams.

How many internaional football teams are in the world?

how many international football teams are in the world

Which two football teams played in the 1962 world cup final?

Brazil and Czechoslovakia. Brazil won 3-1.

How many times has Spain competed in the football world cup?


How many Asian teams have competed in World Cup cricket Final so far?

There are four countries Pakistan, India , Shri Lanka and Bangladesh.Three have won the cup, except Bangladesh.

How many total teams competed in the 2014 soccer world cup?

There were thirty-two teams who competed. This number allows for a standard tournament bracket. 32-16-8-4-2-1.