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If a final is between 2 teams, a semifinal must be between 4 teams.

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Q: How many teams are left in the semi finals?
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How many teams are there in the semi finals?

fours team

How many teams are there in the semi finals in champions league?


What teams are left in FIFA World Cup?

In the semi finals it is Holland v Uruguay and Spain v Germany.

How many matches are in a world cup in semi final?

There are 4 teams left in the semi finals. That would make for 2 matches. The winners would play a 1 match final.

How many games are in the semi finals for the champions league?

There are 4 teams in the semi final, they play the team which they were drawn against when the quarter final and semi final draw was held. The semi finals are played on a home and away basis.

How many European teams qualified for semi final of FIFA World Cup 2010?

As part of FIFA tournament regulations 4 victorious teams from the Quarter-finals advance to the Semi-finals.In the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the Semi-finals consisted entirely of European teams:GermanyNetherlandsSpainUruguay

What do you call the part of the playoffs when two teams on each side of the US play to see who gets to the finals?


How many English teams qualified for this season's champion's league semi finals?

Three, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Which teams played semi finals of world cup 2006?

Italy France Germany Portugal

How many teams will take part in the 2010 World Cup Finals?

32 in the group stage of 8 groups with 2 going through to the last 16 knockout followed by the quarter finals, semi-finals and final.

Which countries have got the finals this year?

We are currently on the semi-finals not finals. The teams playing are: Uruguay X Netherlands (July 6); and Germany X Spain (July 7)

Why does Barcelona keep getting beat at the semi finals of the champions league?

Barcelona have been recently getting beat in the semi finals of the champions league because over the years teams have mastered there technique.

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