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Q: How many teams are in each bracket for March Madness?
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How are NCAA basketball rankings determined for March Madness?

The rankings determined toward March Madness are based on college teams' record in the regular season. Each conference has their top teams. Afterwards, the tops get to enter March Madness.

Which state has the most teams represented in the tournament for March Madness 2011?

Pennsylvania and Virginia each have 5 teams.

How does the March Madness braket work?

Well basically, every team that are lined up together play each other. Whichever team wins will move closer to the center of the bracket (the loser goes home), and the final two teams would be in the center.

How do you make bracket picks for March Madness?

To create bracket picks, all you need is to choose who you think will win each of the 63 tournament games. For each pick you get right (ie: each team you picked that wins) you get points. As the tournament goes on and teams start to dwindle, the points for each correct pick increases. In tournament pools, usually the person with the most points at the end wins. If you're not sure what teams to pick, you can check out professional bracket picks on sites like ESPN or These sites also offer easy to use bracket grids you can just fill in with your picks. For novices, team rankings also help in the bracket making process.

What are the final four of the March Madness?

The Final Four are the last standing teams of March Madness in either NBA or NCAA basketball. There are two final games involving the Final Four, two games involving two of the Final Four teams. The two teams that win each of the Final Four games move on to the National Championship, the final game of the season (for NCAA).

Why is March Madness exciting?

How is it not? 64 of the best college basketball teams play against each other in a single elimination tournament...doesn't get a whole lot better.

Has a 12 and 13 ever played each other in March Madness?


Where is March Madness held?

March Madness is one of the informal titles for the NCAA Men's Division 1 Basketball Tournament. The locations that the games are held at each year varies from year to year.

How is the location for March Madness decided each year?

I don't know 100 percent but I'm pretty sure you people vote where each March Madness tournaments. If anyone knows any other information please edit. Thank You

How many people watch March Madness each year?

None me and your mother perform though her vagina is the hoop and i'm Michael jordan

What is march maddness?

March Madness is a college basketball tournament. In the beginning of March, they play games to determine who gets to actually be in the tournament. Then all through March they play till down to the Final Four. They each play each other and then their is the big championship game which decides the winner! Hope this answers your question.

How do you use basketball brackets?

Brackets are used to track playoff standings. In basketball, they are mostly commonly seen during the NCAA playoffs (March Madness). You would start with every team in the outside brackets, on both sides, each next to the first team that it will be playing. Because it is single elimination, only the winning teams will move on, and these teams would be written in the next innermost column beside their next opponent. In each round, the number of teams remaining will be cut in half. This continues until only two teams are remaining; these will be in the center.

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