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Duke, North Carolina, NC State, Davidson.

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Q: How many teams are from North Carolina in the 2012 March Madness men's tournement?
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What state has the most March Madness teams?

North carolina

Who is going to win March Madness in 2008?

North Carolina

How many teams particapating in 2008 March Madness are from North Carolina?

North Carolina, Duke, and Davidson

Will North Carolina's John Henson play in North Carolina's first March Madness game?

Run tell dat!

What are the odds of North Carolina winning March Madness?

They won't. They...just won't...

What were the teams in the Final Four of March Madness in 2009?

North Carolina, Michigan St, Villanova, Connecticut.

What was the score of the liberty university and university of North Carolina basketball game when university of North Carolina was a 1 seed and liberty university was a 16 seed in NCAA march madness?

71-51 North Carolina in the first round of the 1994 NCAA tournament.

Who are the Top 5 teams with most March Madness wins all time?

UCLA Kentucky Indiana North Carolina Duke Kansas

What college basketball team has made the most appearances at March Madness?

Kentucky with 48. UCLA and North Carolina are tied for second with 39.

What teams are in the March Madness sweet 6?

Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Louisville, Syracuse, Michigan State, Florida, Marquette, Baylor, Xavier, Cincinati, Ohio State, Kansas, North Carolina State, North Carolina, Wisconsin

How are NCAA basketball rankings determined for March Madness?

by wins and losses, and the games they have had, that is why North Carolina is higher ranked than Memphis, cause they have a lot more harder games to play

Who is playing march maddness?

North Carolina Tar Heels will go all the way .