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In his career, Peyton has 399 touchdown passes

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Q: How many tds does Peyton Manning have?
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How many times has Peyton Manning thrown less than 25 touchdowns in a season?

In his professional career, Peyton Manning has thrown for at least 26 touchdowns a year: 1999 and 2001 In his college career, he threw for; 1994 11 TDS 1995 22 TDS 1996 20 TDS 1997 37 TDS

What year did Peyton Manning throw 50 TDs?

He has never trown 50 touchdowns. Tom brady has thrown 50, but Peyton manning has only thrown 49 in one season.

How many straight starts does Peyton Manning have?

Peyton Manning is currently at 205 and counting.

What is the birth name of Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning's birth name is Peyton Williams Manning.

Where is Peyton from?

Peyton who? Peyton Manning? Peyton Manning was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Does Peyton Manning have tattoos?

no,Peyton meanse many many designs or latest designs. which is like in the dressis,bags etc. No Peyton manning or his brother Eli manning neither one have tattoos.

Who has more passing tds Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

Peyton has more in his career with 64,964 yards compared to Brady's 49,149. While Manning has been in the league two years longer than Brady, Peyton would almost certainly still have more yards

How many interceptions did Peyton Manning have in 2006?

In 2006, Peyton Manning had 9 interceptions, his career best

How many touchdowns did Peyton Manning throw in 2008?

Peyton Manning threw 27 touchdowns in 2008.

How many wins and how many starts does Peyton Manning have in the NFL?

Peyton Manning have in the NFL has 500 wins and 94% stats.

Is Peyton manning gay?

Peyton Manning is straight.

What did Peyton Manning do for an occupation?

Peyton Manning was a quarterback.

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