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The NCAA record to rushing touchdowns in a single season is 37 by Barry Sanders in 1988. The record for passing touchdowns in a season is 58 by Colt Brennan in 2006.

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Q: How many td in one year NCAA?
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Who is one of the RB's that ran for the most TD's in WAC history?

in Ladanian Tomlinson's career as an NCAA player at TCU (WAC conference) he and many others ran for 50 TD's Ladanian also has the record for most TD's in an NFL season with 31

How many records does Tim Tebow hold?

8 NCAA, around 20 Southeastern Conference, and 28 University of Florida Records, and he ties Fran Tarkenton with rushing and passing for 20 TD's in one season

What is the record for most NCAA interceptions thrown and returned for TD's in a season?

Jarrett Lee of LSU has thrown 7 interceptions returned for TD's in so far in this, the 2008 season.

Who holds the NCAA record for most touchdowns in a season?

Barry Sanders had 39 TD's in his 1988 season.

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They took out the ability to celebrate. Once you score a TD the computer automatically takes over. It's really lame :/

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11 - David Klingler, Houston vs. Eastern Wash., Nov. 7, 1990

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What is the all time rushing TD record for the NCAA?

Travis Prentice holds the NCAA Division 1A record for career rushing touchdowns (as well as total touchdowns) with 73, whilst playing for the Miami University Redhawks.

What is the NCAA football's longest run?

Heisman winner Terry Baker of Oregon State's 99 yard TD run in the Liberty Bowl in 1963

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