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Q: How many tackles are there in football?
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How is the skill of soccer tackling different from football tackling?

In American Football one tackles a player. In Association Football (soccer) one tackles the ball.

Who gets the most tackles in football?


What is a ST in football?

Solo Tackles

Average tackles in a complete game in American football?


100 tackles and 15 sacks in college football?


How many tackles does Rey Lewis have in his career?

1,520 tackles, 1367 solo tackles

What is the A gap in American football?

it's between the two defensive tackles

How many tackles did Jack Lambert have?

1,479 tackles

What football defensive back has the most tackles?

Dallas Cowboy Free Safety Barry Church has the most tackles in the league for a defensive back thru week 16 in the 2013 season. He has 127 combines tackles, with 100 solo tackles and 27 assists.

What position is next to the center on the offensive line in football?

The guards. Then, the tackles. Then, receivers.

What are the release dates for Tosh-0 - 2009 Football Player Tackles His Teammate 2-4?

Tosh-0 - 2009 Football Player Tackles His Teammate 2-4 was released on: USA: 3 February 2010

How many tackles did randy gradishar have?

He had 2,049 tackles in 10 seasons.