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in Rugby union there are not set amount of tackles, if you've got the ball you keep the ball. in rugby union there are not set amount of tackles, if you've got the ball you keep the ball.

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There are an unlimited number of tackles allowed in Rugby Union and six in Rugby League before the ball is turned over.

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Q: How many tackels are allowed in rugby?
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How many substitutions are allowed to be brought on in Rugby Union?


How many players are allowed on the rugby field for one team at a time?

for rugby league it is 13 players and for rugby union it is 15 players

How many spectators are allowed in a rugby match?

as many as the ground may legally hold

Are you allowed rugby legging in rugby?

can you clarify what "legging" refers to please

How many subs in rugby league?

Each side is allowed 12 substitutions per game.

Are robots allowed to play rugby in England?

No, unfortunately from my own experience, i know that robots, by law, are not allowed to play rugby in England. I have benn playing rugby for 10 years and yesterday i was informed that due to me being a robot, i am no longer allowed to play. My name is Ben Stollery

Are you allowed to wear face paint in rugby?

No its not allowed at this time under IRB rules. However, tattoos are allowed

Is a rugby ball aloud to bounce before it goes over the posts when taking a drop kick in rugby?

No its not allowed

Why are reserves not allowed to play in rugby union?

They are - 7 are on the bench

Where are the highest rugby league post?

All rugby posts have a 3m cross bar and the posts are allowed to be as high as possible.

How many rugby players in a rugby union?

15 each side plus 5 subs allowed for each side 30 on the pitch at anyone time with a total of 10 subs between both teams.

Why do we don't do rough tackles in rugby?

It you are in the mini/junior rugby sections then for helth and safety full body tackles are not allowed. If you are in the youth to senior levels - full body tackling is allowed and it IS rough when the big hits come in.