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In a 25 meter pool, 32

In a 50 meter pool, 16

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Q: How many swimming lengths do you have to swim to get 800 meters certificate?
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How many lengths in a 25m swimming pool is 5k?

5000 (5k) meters divided by 25 meters =200 lengths

How Many Meters Is 70 Lengths?

Do you mean in a swimming pool??

How many lengths of an average swimming pool in 600 meters?

It is usually 24 lengths in a short pool(25 meters) and 12 lengths in a long pool (50 meters). Hope that helped!

How many length make 100 meters in a swimming pool?

4 lengths

How many lengths of an Olympic swimming pool equals 3 meters?

One length of an Olympic sized pool is 50 meters.

How many swimming lengths is 5K?

In a 25m pool it is 200 lengths

How many lengths To mile in a 50 meter swimming pool?

32.2 lengths.

How many swimming lengths is 2.5 k?

100 lengths of a 25m pool

Length of swimming pool in meter?

There are many different lengths of pools. The most common is 25 meters. There are also 50 meter pools.

How many lengths in 25m in swimming?

It is usually one. It is one if the pool is 25 meters long. The pool could be a different length though.

How long is a swimming pool?

25 Meters 50 Meters I went in one swimming pool that was 33 and one third metres long ! Guess how many lengths it took to do 100 metres.

If 1609.34 meters is equivalent to one mile how many lengths to the nearest length would complete one mile in a 25 meter swimming pool?

64 lengths is a little less than a mile. 65 lengths would put you over.

How many 25m lengths of a swimming pool equals 1500 meters?

///well, first you figure out how many laps in a 50metre pool then times 2. The answer is 60 laps of the 25 metre pool./// Your actually wrong. 1 lap = 2 lengths. Its 60 lengths or 30 laps Tom :)

How many meters is 1 length?

In normal swimming pools One Length = 25meters Two Length = 50meters Four Lengths = 100 meters

How many calories burned swimming 20 lengths?


How many lengths in a 25m swimming pool is 10 miles?

It is about 644 lengths . Up and back 322 times. somewhere on the last lap you cross the 10 mile mark. I worked this out by first working out what 10 miles is in meters and then dividing 25 meters into that. there are about 1.609344 kilometers to each mile. 10 miles is 16093.44 meters.

How many lengths must you swim in a 25m pool to swim 1 mile?

In competitive swimming, 1500 meters is considered a mile so you would need to swim 60 lengths in a 25 meter pool to swim a mile.

How many meters long is the swimming pool?

A standard olympic swimming pool is 50 meters long

How many meters are in an olympic swimming pool?

There are usually 50 meters in a Olympic sized swimming pool.

How many laps in a 400 meter swimming race?

16 lengths (down and back counts as 2 lengths)

How many 25m lengths of a swimming poll equals 1.2mile?

If you mean UK miles, that would be 77.25 lengths!

How many calories do you burn swimming 25 lengths?

About 300 calories

How many lengths in a 45 ft pool is 750 meters.?

Approximately 55 (54.68) lengths.

In a 25 yard pool how many lengths do you need to swim 500 meters?

20 lengths

How many meters is a length in a swimming pool?

A normal swimming pool is 25meters, an olympic pool is 50 meters.

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