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FC Barcelona has most supporter in Europe

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Q: How many supporters have FC Barcelona around the world?
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How many supporters does Barcelona fc have?

Barcelona are one of the two main giants in Spanish football and has a very big support world wide incluiding me.

How many people like Barcelona?

millions dear , around the world

How many times did Barcelona won FIFA world club?

Barcelona is not a team in the fifa world cup

How many World Cups did Barcelona win?

Barcelona can not win the world cup, they can only win the champion league.

How many Barcelona players at world cup 2010?

There are roughly ten Barcelona players in the 23 .

Who is better FC Barcelona or FC Chelsea?

Barcelona are better than Chelsea on the world rankings, but Chelsea have won Barcelona many times before.

How many times did Barcelona win the world cup?

Barcelona are a Spanish football club , and not a country so they can not win the world cup.They can win the Champion league.

How many world cup games have Barcelona won?


How many supporters has Liverpool world wide?

It's exactly 10635625

How many white gorillas in the world?

There is one in barcelona, an albeno gorilla

How many trophies has Barcelona won?

the most richest club in the world

How many supporters do Arsenal Football Club have?

in the UK there is 673 in the world is 1,234

How many hours of daylight are there in Barcelona?

I think there is around 18 hours of daylight!

How many times did Barcelona win the champions league?

Barcelona, the current greatest club in the world has won champions league three (3) times.

Where does the Disney Cruise depart from?

The Disney Cruise departs from many different ports around the world. Some ports the cruise departs from include Miami, Vancouver, Barcelona, and Galveston.

Who are the dalai lamas supporters?

Whole world, including many from People's Republic of China

How many miles and kilometers are between Barcelona and Madrid?

It is around 500 or 503 kilometers.

How many different nationalities are expats in Barcelona?

around 150 according to official statistics

Where is it possible to view art made by Picasso?

There are many art galleries and museums around the world where Picasso paintings can be viewed. These include the Museu Picasso in Barcelona and Musee Picasso in Paris.

How many supporters does man united have?

around 320 mil worldwide (abot 5% of the worlds population)

How many districts does Barcelona have?

Barcelona has 10 districts

Is there a church in Barcelona?

Yes there are many churches in Barcelona.

How many supporters has Sunderland got?

sunderland have supporters all over the country and they have also been proven as the loudest supporters in the premier league. they are the best supporters

How many fans do Newcastle United have worldwide?

It's impossible to put a figure on it, but from ticket sales and research there is an estimate that in the UK alone the club has around 1.5million supporters (8th most in UK) and also has hundreds of thousands if not millions more around the world.

How many people support arsenal in the world?

everyone in the world support Arsenal. that's because they are going to win against Barcelona