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Q: How many super owls do the raiders have?
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How many Super Bowls the Oakland Raiders have won?

The Raiders have won three Super Bowls.

How many Super Bowls have the raiders?

Raiders had bin to the super bowl 5 times but only won 3 times

How many super bowls has the raiders gone to?

the raiders only went to one super bowl and lost to Tampa bay

How many Super Bowl rings have raiders won?


How many Super Bowl's have the Raiders won?

The Oakland Raiders Have won three Superbowls. So they have three superbowl rings.Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders have won 3 Super BowlsSee related link for a list of Super Bowl champions

How many of the five Super Bowls did the Raiders win?

all 5

Who won more super bowls broncos or raiders?


Who won the 1981 Super Bowl?

The Oakland Raiders.

How many Super Bowls have raiders one?

did you mean won? that would be 3

How many times has the raiders been to Super Bowl?

5 (won 3).

How many Super Bowl rings does Oakland Raiders have?


How many Super Bowls did the Oakland Raiders win while Al Davis was the owner?

The Raiders have been in five Super Bowls under Al Davis: II, XI, XV, XVIII, and XXXVII