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The Patriots have had playoff appearances in the following years:

  • 2001 - won Super Bowl XXXVI
  • 2003 - won Super Bowl XXXVIII
  • 2004 - won Super Bowl XXXIX
  • 2005 - lost Division Championship Game
  • 2006 - lost AFC Championship Game
  • 2007 - lost Super Bowl XLII
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The Patriots are 4-4 in the AFC Championship game from 2006-2016.

  1. 2006 Indianapolis Colts 38 New England Patriots 34
  2. 2007 New England Patriots 21 San Diego Chargers 12
  3. 2011 New England Patriots 23 Baltimore Ravens 20
  4. 2012 Baltimore Ravens 28 New England Patriots 13
  5. 2013 Denver Broncos 26 New England Patriots 16
  6. 2014 New England Patriots 45 Indianapolis Colts 7
  7. 2015 Denver Broncos 20 New England Patriots 18
  8. 2016 New England Patriots 36 Pittsburgh Steelers 17
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As of the start of the 2007 season, the Patriots have played 31 playoff games and their record is 19-12.

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Q: How many super bowls have the patriots been to in the last ten years?
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Dallas Cowboys has been to 8 Super Bowls, followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos, who all been to 6 Super Bowls.

How may super bowls did Tom Brady started?

He has been the starting QB for the Patriots for four Super Bowls. He won three of them (XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX)

How many super bowls did patriots win?

3. 2002, Patriots 20 Rams 17. 2004, Patriots 32 Panthers 29, & 2005, Patriots 24 Eagles 21.

How many Super Bowls does eagles have?

They have been in two super bowls one against the Oakland Raiders in 1980 and one against the New England Patriots in 2005. They lost both.

How many Super Bowls has Eli Manning been in?

Two and won them both against the New England Patriots in super bowl 42 and Super Bowl 46.

Which teams have won two consecutive Super Bowl games?

There have only been 7 teams that have won consecutive Super Bowls :Green Bay Packers (Super Bowls I and II)Miami Dolphins (Super Bowls VII and VIII)Pittburgh Steelers (twice : Super Bowls IX and X, XIII and XIV)San Francisco 49ers (Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV)Dallas Cowboys (Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII)Denver Broncos (Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII)New England Patriots (Super Bowls XXXVIII and XXXIX)

Who is the best footballteam in the NFL?

the steelers have been the most consistent in wins and super bowls but statistically, the steelers and the patriots are pretty close. The steelers and the patriots are the best team in the nfl

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As of the start of the 2008 season: The Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills have each been to 4 Super Bowls and never won. The Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles have each been to 2 Super Bowls and never won.

Quarterback for the patriots that went to two Super Bowls?

Tom Brady, but he's been to four. He won three and was MVP twice

How many Super Bowls have the Colts been to?

they have been to 3 super bowls