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3 wins

New England:

SB20: 46-10 Chicago over New England (1986)

SB31: 35-21 Green Bay over New England

SB36: 20-17 New England over LA Rams

SB38: 32-29 New England over Carolina

SB39: 24-21 New England over Philadelphia

SB42: 17-14 NY Giants over New England

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Three wins out of six appearances as of 1/22/12.

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Q: How many super bowls does new england have?
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How many Super Bowls have the New England Patriots won all together?

They have won a total of three Super Bowls.

How many super bowls have the New England partriots won?


How many Super Bowls New England Patriots been?


How many super bowls has Mike Vrabel won?

3 ... Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII, and XXXIX with the New England Patriots.

How many Super Bowls has the New England Patriots won with Adam?

The Patriots won three Super Bowls with kicker Adam Vinateri.

Has New England won 4 Super Bowls?

No, the patriots have won 3 super bowls

How many Super Bowls for New England Patriots?

They have played in seven with three wins.

Winning teams in all super bowls?

New England

Exactly how many Super Bowls have the New England Patriots won?

They have won a total of 3 as of 2009.

How may Super Bowls has new England won?


How many Super Bowls does eagles have?

They have been in two super bowls one against the Oakland Raiders in 1980 and one against the New England Patriots in 2005. They lost both.

How many other teams have own at least three super bowls in six years?

The New England Patriots.