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Just one, having won it with the Saints during the 2009-10 season, by defeating the Indianapolis Colts in Superbowl XLIV.

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Q: How many super bowls does Drew Brees have?
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How many Pro Bowls has Drew Brees been to?

In all of his career, Drew Brees has been to four Pro Bowls.

How many mvps has Drew Brees won?

Brees hasnt won any NFL MVPs but he HAS won a Super Bowl MVP (Super Bowl XLIV)

Is Drew Brees an awesome quarterback?

Statistically Drew Brees would not be considered the best quarterback in the world, but in the hearts of many Saints fans those stats don't matter. Many in the Who Dat nation believe Drew Brees to not only be the greatest quarterback they've had, but the greatest they've ever seen.

How many Super Bowl games has Drew Brees won?

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl XLIV. They beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. Drew was also named Super Bowl MVP.

How many probowls does drew brees has?

Drew Brees has been elected to the Pro Bowl 5 times.

How many games has Drew Brees played quarterback in?

nobody knows how many games drew brees has played

Where can I get an in-stock white youth Drew Brees Super Bowl jerseys? and many other places.

How many rings does Drew Brees have?

As of 2010, it should be two rings in total; a marriage ring and a Super Bowl ring.

How many records has Drew Brees broken?

Drew Brees has broken 43 records since starting the NFL with the Chargers.

What is Drew Brees's favorite superhero?

Maybe it is DrewperMan or Who DatMan. (New Orleans Super Heroes that many are beginning to suspect is actually Drew Brees in disguise) Or it might be Gambit from the X-men since he's from Louisiana and probably roots for the Saints.

How many kids does Drew Brees have?

As of 2020 Drew Brees has three boys. Baylen, 9 Bowen, 7, and Callen, 5

How many records does drew brees hold?