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Q: How many super bowls did Darryl Johnston win with the Dallas Cowboys?
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How many times has the cowboys won the Super Bowls?

The Dallas Cowboys won 5 Super Bowls and lost 3.

What team won 3 Super Bowls in the 1990's?

The Dallas Cowboys.

How many Super Bowls have the Dallas Cowboys win?


What team has played the most super bowls?

Dallas Cowboys

How many Super Bowls has the Dallas Cowboys lost?


How many Super Bowls have Dallas Cowboys been in?


Who has gone to the Super Bowl the most?

The Dallas Cowboys appeared in 8 Super Bowls the most by any NFL team.

2nd team to win the most super bowls?

The Dallas Cowboys

Which team won five Super Bowls first?

Dallas Cowboys

What team appeared in the most Super Bowls in the 1970s?

Dallas Cowboys

Who was in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII?

Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills, with the Cowboys winning both games.

Do anyone have as many Super Bowls as the Dallas Cowboys?

Just the 49ers and the stellers