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Q: How many super bowl wins he cowboys?
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How many Super Bowl does the Cowboys have won?

5 super bowl wins

Who has more Super Bowl wins cowboys or redskins?

the cowboys

How many Super Bowls have the Cowboys won?

5 Super Bowl wins

How many team have 4 or more Super Bowl wins?

San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburg Steelers all have 5 Super Bowl wins.

Who won the second most Super Bowl wins?


How many time has Troy Aikman won super bowl with dallas cowboys?

3 wins

Who has as many Super Bowl wins as the Pittsburgh Steelers?

It's a tie between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. Both teams have five Super Bowl wins. The Steelers have six.

What team has 5 Super Bowl wins?

the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers

Did the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl when they played the Buffalo Bills?

Yes. The Cowboys' back-to-back wins in Super Bowl 27 and 28 were both against the Bills.

Who is second team most Super Bowl wins?

The San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys both possess five Super Bowl championships.

What nFC teams won Super Bowl?

As of the 2007 season, the Cowboys and 49ers are tied with the most Super Bowl wins for an NFC team with 5.

What years did the Dallas Cowboys get their first three Super Bowl wins?

1972, 1978, and 1993