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Troy Aikman has 3 Super Bowl rings.

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Q: How many super bowl rings does Troy Aikman have?
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Who has more Super Bowl rings Troy Aikman or Terry Bradshaw?

Terry Bradshaw has won four Super Bowl rings, Troy Aikman has won three.

How many superbowl rings does Troy Aikman have?

How many super bowl ring has troy atkman won

Which cowboy quarterback won the most rings?

Assuming you are refering to Super Bowl Rings, the answer is Troy Aikman.

How many Super Bowl MVP awards does Troy Aikman have?

One. Troy Aikman won the MVP award in Super Bowl XXVII.

How many super bowl rings does troy Aikmen have?

Three .... Aikman and the Cowboys won Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX.

Who was the only QB to win 3 super bowl rings and retire with over 10000 passing yrds?

Troy Aikman

In which Super Bowl was Troy Aikman awarded the games MVP?

Super bowl XXVII

How many Super Bowl does Troy Aikman have?

He won 3 Super Bowls

Which Quarterbacks drafted number one have Super Bowl rings?

Troy Aikman, Eli Manning, Payton Manning, Jim Plunket, John Elway.

Which Super Bowl ring does Troy Aikman wear?


Dallas quarter backs with Dallas Super Bowl rings?

Roger Staubach has 2 (Super Bowls VI and XII) and Troy Aikman has 3 (Super Bowls XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX).

Has troy aikman ever lost a super bowl?

No ... Troy Aikman played in three Super Bowls (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX) for the Dallas Cowboys and won all three.

Who was the quarterback for the cowboys in last Super Bowl win?

Troy Aikman

Which cowboys quaterback has the most Super Bowl wins?

Troy Aikman

What year did Troy Aikman win his first Super Bowl?


How many Super Bowl wins does Troy Aikman have as a starter?


Who will be annoucing super bowl 2011?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Who will be the announcers for Super Bowl?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman!! Yay!

All quarterbacks who led dallas to Super Bowl?

Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman.

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXVII?

Quarterback Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys was named MVP of Super Bowl XXVII.

What quarterback won the last Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys?

Troy Aikman was the winning quarterback in Super Bowl XXX.

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl 27?

Quarterback Troy Aikman of the Dallas Cowboys was named MVP of Super Bowl XXVII.

Who were the starting quarterbacks for cowboys in their Super Bowls?

Super Bowl V (Loss) - Craig Morton Super Bowl VI (Win) - Roger Staubach Super Bowl X (Loss) - Roger Staubach Super Bowl XII (Win) - Roger Staubach (Craig Morton, Cowboy starter in SB V, was the opposing QB) Super Bowl XIII (Loss) - Roger Staubach Super Bowl XXVII (Win) - Troy Aikman Super Bowl XXVIII (Win) - Troy Aikman Super Bowl XXX (Win) - Troy Aikman

What was the Age of troy aikman when he won his second Super Bowl?

Troy Aikman was born November 21, 1966 and won his second Super Bowl (XXVIII) on January 30, 1994. That would make him 27 years, 70 days old.

How many times did Troy Aikman take the cowboys to the Super Bowl?