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Q: How many super bowl rings does Phil Simms have?
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Who was Super Bowl mvp in 1987?

Phil Simms

Who caught Phil simms first super bowl touchdown?

Zeke Mowatt caught a six yard pass from Phil Simms in the first quarter of Super Bowl XXI

Who caught Phil simms last Super Bowl pass?

Phil McConkey

Who is the highest rated super bowl quarterback?

Phil simms

Which quarterback has the most completions in a Super Bowl?

Phil Simms

Who was the first player to say I am going to Disney World after winning the Super Bowl?

New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms in 1987.

Who played 2nd string for Phil simms in the super bowl?

At Super Bowl XXI, that was Jeff Rutledge.

Who was the qb for the giants first Super Bowl win?

Phil Simms.

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl XXI?

Quarterback Phil Simms of the New York Giants was named MVP of Super Bowl XXI.

Who was the starting quarterback for the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXI?

Phil Simms

What college did Phil simms of the super bowl winning giants attend?

morehead state

Phil Simms last completed pass in Super Bowl XXI?

Lionel Manuel