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6 in total. 4 as head coach, and 2 as a team consultant with Pittsburgh.

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Q: How many super bowl rings does Chuck Noll have?
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Which NFL coach holds the most Super Bowl rings?

Chuck Noll

What football head coach has the most super bowl rings?

Don Shula was the head coach in 6 Super BowlsIII (Colts), VI-VIII, XVII & XIX (Dolphins) He has an overall record of 2-4. (Winning Super Bowls VII (perfect season) and VIII)

Who was the coach of The Steelers for the Super Bowl X?

Chuck Noll.

Which coach appears in the super bowl the most?

Chuck Noll

Who were the first coaches to meet in the Super Bowl who previously won a Super Bowl?

Chuck Noll of the Steelers and Tom Landry of the Cowboys in Super Bowl X. Noll had won Super Bowl IX and Landry had won Super Bowl VI.

What Head coach has the most Super Bowl victories?

Chuck Noll, steelers.

Who coached the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl titles in the 1970s?

Chuck Noll

Who has the most Super Bowl wins as head coach?

Chuck Noll Pittsburgh Steelers

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach for their first Super Bowl win?

Chuck Noll was the Steelers head coach for their first Super Bowl win. Noll went on to win four Super Bowls in all.

Most Super Bowl wins by coach?

Chuck Noll-Pittsburg Steelers 4 wins

Which coach has the most Super Bowls wins?

Chuck Noll has 4 Super Bowl wins with the Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl IX, X, XII and XIV)

Did Bill Cowher keep any of Chuck Noll's assistant coaches on his staff?

Yes, Dick Hoak was the Steelers running back coach for 35 years (1972-2006) and won Super Bowl rings with both Noll and Cowher.