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Lost to the Bears,Packers and then the Giants Twice

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Q: How many super bowl games has New England Patriots lost?
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When was the last time the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl?

The last time the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl was Super Bowl XXXIX on February 6, 2005.

What is the number of super bowl appearances the New England Patriots have?

The new england patriots have 6 super bowl expierences, if you count super bowl XLVI that would be 7. Go pats!

New England vs who in Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XX Patriots vs Bears (Patriots lose), Super Bowl XXI Patriots vs Packers (Patriots lose), Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots vs Rams (Patriots win), Super Bowl XXXVIII Patriots vs Panthers (Patriots win), Super Bowl XXXIX Patriots vs Eagles (Patriots win), and Super Bowl XLII Patriots vs Giants (Patriots lose).

What years have the New England Patriots won the super bowl?

The Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2001, 2003, and 2004.

Who was the quarterback on the 1996 New England Patriots Super Bowl team?

Drew Bledsoe was the quarterback on the 1996 New England Patriots Super Bowl team.

Who was New England Patriots coach in Super Bowl XX?

The coach that led 1985 New England Patriots to Super Bowl XX was Raymond Berry.

Will the New England Patriots win Super Bowl 50?

The New England Patriots did not qualify for Super Bowl 50. The Denver Broncos won that game.

Who has the most Super Bowl wins out of the colts and patriots?

The New England Patriots

What Patriots quarterbacks have won a Super Bowl?

Tom Brady is the only New England Patriots quarterback to win a super bowl.

What color will the New England Patriots wear for super bowl 2012?

The Patriots wore their home blue Jerseys for the Super Bowl.

Who won the 2004 super bowl-?

The New England Patriots were the winners of the 2004 Super Bowl.

What Super Bowls did the patriots win?

As of the season of 2008, the New England Patriots have won three super bowls Super Bowl XXXIX Super Bowl XXXVIII Super Bowl XXXVI

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