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Q: How many super bowl did the dolphins play and who was the quarter backs?
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How many quarter backs have national championship rings and super bowl rings?


What is the name of the college that produced 4 super bowl quarter backs and a president?

The University of Michigan

Who were the quarter backs in the Super Bowl 2003?

The quarterbacks for the 2003 Super Bowl were Oakland Raiders Rich Gannon, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brad Johnson.

What are the names of the super bowl winning quarter backs of the Oakland Raiders?

KEN Stabler and Jim Plunkit

Which Quarter backs tied most super bowl wins?

Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana share the record of most Super Bowl victories by a quarterback. They are both 4-0 in Super Bowl play.

Who did the Miami Dolphins beat in the Super Bowl?

The Dolphins beat the Vikings in Super Bowl VII and the Redskins in Super Bowl VIII.

What quarter backs in the nfl have won 2 or super bowl rings?

Ben Roethlistberger Eli Manning Tom Brady

Who was the quarter backs who took the Green Bay Packers to the super bowl?

Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers

Who was the first quarterback to rush for a touchdown in a super bowl?

Fran Tarkenton of the Minnesota Vikings on a 4 yard run in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl VIII against the Miami Dolphins.

Who was the placekicker for the Miami Dolphins in the 1977 super bowl?

The Dolphins didn't play in the 1977 Super Bowl. After their appearance in Super Bowl VIII (played January 13, 1974) the Dolphins didn't appear in another Super Bowl until Super Bowl XVII (played January 30, 1983).

Have the Dolphins won a Super Bowl?

Yes ... 1972 (Super Bowl VII) and 1973 (Super Bowl VIII)

How many times did the dolphins lose the Super Bowl?

Thourgh Super Bowl XLIII, 3 times: 1) Super Bowl VI - Dallas Cowboys 24, Dolphins 3 2) Super Bowl XVII - Washington Redskins 27, Dolphins 17 3) Super Bowl XIX - San Francisco 49ers 38, Dolphins 16

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