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the adverage team has 15 players that can take part in the game. 11 of those players start the game, during the game the manager can make 4 subs however they cannot sub if a player has been sent off with a red card. Answer In football games, 11 players start the game for each team. The number of substitutes varies depending on the competition. For example, in the English football leagues - Premier League, Championship etc - 5 substitutes are allowed. In the Champions League, as well as the Spanish and Italian legaues, 7 substitutes are allowed. In international competition, where squads have 23 players, i believe that all 12 players not in the starting 11 can be named as substitutes. However, in all of these competitions, a maximum of three substitutions are allowed per game, meaning that the substitutes not used will not be able to play in the match. This may be different for friendlies - teams often make upwards of 9-10 subs in friendlies. During Sven Goran Eriksson's reign as England manager, in friendlies, the entire starting 11 would have been subbed off by the end of the game

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Q: How many substitutes does the average football team have?
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