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During an official match there can be made only 3 substitutes and a substituted player cannot re-enter the match. During a friendly match you can make up to 10

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Q: How many substitutes can be made during a foot ball match?
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How long is a foot ball match?

a game lasts 90 minutes then depending on injuries or substitutes added time which is usual 1-4 minutes.

What is the ball in your foot?

ball of foot means a ball has a foot stuck. to it so there is a diffrens beetween foot ball and ball foot. foot ball is a game with a ball. but ball of foot is when the foot is stuck to the ball! get it?

During the rally in volleyball can a player receive the ball using his or her foot?

Yes, as long as his or her foot is planted on the ground and does not move. There must be no "kicking" motion as it makes contact with the ball.

What are the purpose of foot ball?

because you use your foot and a ball and that adds up to foot ball

What part of the foot is used for the best control of the soccer ball?

There is no singular answer to your question as ALL parts of the foot are utilizied to control the ball. It would depend on each situation during the game that would dictate which part of the foot to use.

What is the meaning of jabulani official name of the ball used during the fifa foot -ball worl cup 2010?

It is a Zulu word.

Which technology is used during cricket match live streaming for maintaining statistics graphs pitchmaps etc. mean to say the guys who worked in statatacian room during match work on which software?

my foot technology

How can you compare the force of the foot kicking the soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

If the foot exerts a force on the soccer ball, then the soccer ball exerts a force of equal strength in the opposite direction of the foot.

Where is the ball of the foot located?

The ball of the foot is located just behind the toes. The basic parts of the foot are the toes, the ball, the arch and the heel.

In tennis is it a foot fault when a right handed server's right foot crosses the base line during the service motion?

it is a foot fault when any part of each foot touches or crosses the base line before or during the time period when the raquet makes contact with the ball

What is the force of a foot kicking a soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

kicking of ball is which force

Who scored the most goals for the German national foot ball team during his career?

gerd muller

When was Foot-Ball Club created?

Foot-Ball Club was created in 1824.

Who won the over the limit 2011 kiss my foot match?

Jerry "The King "Lawler won the kiss my foot match.

How do you bend the ball to the right by kicking the ball with the right foot?

hit it with the outside of your foot on the left hand side of the ball

If you apply Newtons third law of motion compare the force of a foot kicking a soccer ball with the force of the soccer ball on the foot?

by applying force to the ball the ball will apply an equal and opposite force on the foot. when you kick the ball, the ball will move forward and your foot will move backward. this force is unnoticeable to the common person simply because we are not looking for it

What is an umpire in tennis?

An umpire sits in a high chair on the side of the court by the net and watches the match carefully, calling the ball out when it's out, calling foot faults of the server, etc.

How do you do a pushpass in soccer?

You hit the ball with the inside of your foot and follow through with that foot. You hit just above the centre point of the ball as you see it so the ball stays on the floor. You also make sure your standing foot is slightly in front of your passing foot and beside the ball.

If contact by a defensive player during the act of punting prevents the punter from kicking the ball with his foot is the defensive player subject to a penalty?

NO. If the kicker had possession of the ball and was unable to kick it.

Do runners strike the ground with their heel first or ball of foot?

Ball of the foot for sprinters and maratons

How do I make a soccer ball less slick I recently bought a high quality training soccer ball on Amazon. The day I got it it was very slick and kept sliding under my foot while trying to kick it up.?

A standard match quality ball should have the correct surface texture.

What part of your foot do you use to tap?

You use the ball of your foot.

How do you do a rainbow in soccer?

Put the ball behind you between you in between the back of your dominant foot. Slip your other foot under the ball. Then, quickly roll the ball up your dominant leg to just below your knee with you other foot. Once you get it there, flick the ball up and over your head with your dominant foot while simultaneously releasing your other foot.

How do you do a lob pass in netball?

You need to put your foot under the ball and get your foot up under the ball

How was soccer inspired?

It was inspired by Australian "foot ball" It was inspired by Australian "foot ball"