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any but most of the time they have about 5 substitutes

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Q: How many substitutes are you allowed in a proffessional netball match?
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How many substitutes are allowed for a netball team in a netball match?

AnswerIn more prestigious games, about 5. But in junior games there are sometimes around 1-5 players for reserve According to IFNA 2009 rule book, however, there is no limit to number of substitutes as long as they are among the players list for that game.

How many players allowed in the circle in a netball match?


Amount of substitues in football match?

In Soccer each side is allowed two substitutes.

How many substitutes is one allowed in the Barclays Premier League?

You are allowed 7 players on the bench, from which only 3 are allowed to be used within the match.

How many substitutes are allowed in a cricket match?

Substitutions are only allowed in a cricket match for very specific reasons. These include, injury, illness, or other wholly acceptable reasons.

How many substitutes may be used by a team during a match at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

3 substitutions are allowed per match.

How many substitutes allowed on the bench in a football match?

Assuming you're talking about the game of soccer (as opposed to american football) - the maximum number of substitutes in a team is.... three.

What is the maximum number of substitutes allowed in an official match?

Only three but in the Major League Soccer (MLS) there is five.

How long can you hold the netball in a netball match?

3 seconds

How longs a netbal match?

A netball match is 40 minutes

How many substitutes can you have in a hockey match?


How many substitutes for a soccer match?


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