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it depends how many are on a team. if u have 10 players on a team, u hav 4 substitutions bcuz u hav 6 players on the court. if u hav 12 players u hav 6 subs, if u hav 15 players, u hav 9 subs, 18 players, u hav 12 subs, etc.

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Q: How many substitutes are there in a volleyball team?
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How many substitutes on a volleyball team?

you are allowed 12 substitutions in a volleyball

How many player ion a volleyball team?

5 in the court and two substitutes

How many substitute in volleyball?

There are 12 substitutes allowed in indoor volleyball.

How many numbers of players for each team and how many subtitutes in volleyball?

6 players for a team and up to 6 substitutes. Though, most people have about 2-4

Are their substitutes in volleyball?

Yes there are substitutes in volleyball but a coach/team can only have so many subsitutions. There can only be 10 subsitutions per game and an overall 30 substitutions for a match of 2 out of 3 games or an overall of 50 substitutions for a match of 3 out of 5 games.

How players substitutes are there in volley ball?

If you mean how do players substitutes in volleyball, they do a motion with their arms/hands, then the down ref will let them go after they have touched hands. If you mean how many substitutes are there, there are twelve subs per a set in a volleyball match.

How many peaple in a volleyball team?

You need 6 people on court, but you need at LEAST 2 substitutes in case one of the players on court gets hurt.

How many substitutes can you have on a cricket team?

you are allowed 400 substitutes

How many people on a volleyball team?

There are supposed to be 6 people on a volleyball team

How many people are on a beach volleyball team?

There are two players on a beach volleyball team.

How many substitutes in relay team?


How many substitutes can a soccer team have?


Volleyball sub?

In volleyball, substitutes are legal and quite frequently used, if that's what you're asking.

How many players on a high school volleyball team?

12 players on any volleyball team

How many players form an official volleyball team?

6 players for an indoor volleyball team and 2 generally for outdoor or beach volleyball.

How many players are on a regular volleyball team?

There are 6 players on a regular volleyball team

In a regulation game of volleyball how many players are on one team?

There are 6 players on a regulation volleyball team.

How many players are on one team in beach volleyball?

Two people play on a beach volleyball team.

How many substitutes are there on a team for water polo?

6 subsitutes

How many substitutes does Premier League team have in a game?


How many substitutes are in a cricket team?

One no more, no less

How many substitutes on a mens lacrosse team?

According to the NCAA guidelines for 2013-14 there is no limit to the number of substitutes a team can have. The substitutes can take the place of any of the players in any situated area following the right method of substitution during the game.

How many time does a team can hit in volleyball?

In nearly all volleyball layouts, one team is allowed to hit the volleyball 3 times. 4+ hits are considered illegal.

How many player in a volleyball team?

there are 6 players on the court at a time in volleyball. And there are only two on the court in beach volleyball.

How many substitutes in each water polo team?

6 by levi