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You can substitute freely in Basketball. As many players as there are on the bench, that's how many substitutes there are. Players may be taken out of a game and then put back into a game. There is no limit to the amount of times a player can be taken out and put into a game. The only limitation to substituting is that you may not put a player in that has exceed the number of personal fouls allowed in the league. Once a player exceeds that number, they are disqualified and not allowed to play for the rest of the game.

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Q: How many substitutes are allowed in basketball?
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you are allowed 400 substitutes

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any but most of the time they have about 5 substitutes

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No substitutes were allowed for any reason in the 1966 World Cup. Some previous finals had allowed substitutions for injury and from 1970 substitutes were allowed for tactical purposes.

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You are allowed 7 players on the bench, from which only 3 are allowed to be used within the match.

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11 people, and you are allowed 7 substitutes on the bench, with three allowed to switch into play.

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7 players are allowed on a high school basketball team

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Assuming you're talking about the game of soccer (as opposed to american football) - the maximum number of substitutes in a team is.... three.

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there are five substitutes in which three are changeable players

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In the NBA you are allowed to have 6 fouls, but usually you get five fouls in high school, middle school, and college basketball.

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