How many subs do you get in AFL?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: How many subs do you get in AFL?
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How many Footy players on a team?

There are 22 in total but there are 11 on each team.

Tussy has how many subs?

461k subs how much is that.

How many subs does subway have?

there are about 69 subs at each thingy.

how many subs do i have(26)?


how many subs do aphmau have?


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How many subs were lost during World War 2?

Most subs that were lost we're on Germany's side because they employes the most subs, and after the code was broken subs began sinking on the German side routinely.

How many subs are you aloud in a game of rounders?

There is 11 players including subs and 9 if you don`t have any subs.. so there is your answer!

How many people are in a soccer team?

11 plus subs 20 or for juniors 5 plus 3 subs

How many people in a real rugby team?

15 plus subs in union 13 plus subs in league

How many team are there in AFL?

At the moment, there is only Sydney. But soon there will also be a Greater Western Sydney team in the AFL.

How many subs in a cricket team?