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In the EPL...3 Subs Universally in the main its also 3 subs

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Q: How many subs are you limited to for a game of Football?
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How many subs in English football?

3 per team in a game

Numbers of players in football game?

In a professional football game it starts with 11 people on each team (not including subs)

How many subs can you do in a football match?


How many subs can be used in Gaelic football?

5 subs can be used during a match.

How many subs can be named in league football?

4 plays on the bench otherwise known as subs.

How many people are on a football side?

11 people form the playing side and there are 3 subs which can be replaced during the game.

How many peope are in a football team?

they is 11 with 6 subs hi its jay bleasdale how many goalkeepers in a football team how many goal keepers in a football team

How many subs on a Gaelic football team?

You can have as many as 15 substitutes, of which 5 can actually be used.

How many subs can you have in the game of basketball in high school?


How many substitudes are in a football match?

5 players are on the bench but only3 subs can be made

How many subs can be named for a football match?

7 unless freindly then 10 i think

How many fooball players on a team?

There are usually 11 on each side during a game of football, but there can be up to 22 players in the team, many of which are subs and don't play in every match. other varieties of football like 5-a-side football have an obviously different amount of players.

How big is a Football team?

11 players...11 subs (allowed to use 3 subs) Thats the case at Football World Cup anyway

Who was the first sub used in English football?

when were subs first used in English football

How many people are there on rugby?

In the Union game there are 15 players perside and 5 subs and in the League code there are 13 players perside and 4 subs

Can football game continue if one side is down to eight men?

if it is the defensive side yes.. but this can only happen if there are no subs coming in after the snap.

How many Footy players on a team?

In AFL football, there are 18 people in a footy team with a few interchange/subs

How people on a football team?

There are 16 players on a team 11 play football and 5 of them are subs.

How many players from each team is in a rugby game?

15 a side playing in union plus subs and 13 a side playing plus subs in league

How many subs are allowed in a game of soccer?

Up to 7 on the bench, 3 can come on

How many people are on a rugby football?

In a union side there are 15 players plus subs on the bench per side. In the league code there are 13 players perside (thry do not use flankers) plus subs.

How many subs in a soccer game?

In a soccer match you can only have three,3, substitutes in a match.

How many subs in rugby league?

Each side is allowed 12 substitutions per game.

What happens if a player fouls out in basketball and you have no subs?

The game is forfeited. Sometimes depending on how many players you have.

How many players on the field for a U13 soccer game?

11 players start on the field, but u have subs as well, 11 players start on the field, but u have subs as well,