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Q: How many subs allowed in the world cup?
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How big is a Football team?

11 players...11 subs (allowed to use 3 subs) Thats the case at Football World Cup anyway

Are subs named in world cup teams?


How many subs in a world cup match?

In the EPL...3 Subs Universally in the main its also 3 subs

What is the name of the substitute in England's 1966 world cup final team?

there were no subs allowed for any reason during that tournament..

How many players are allowed on the pitch in the FIFA World Cup?

22 at a time.

How many Spanish football teams are there in the world cup?

In the 2010 world cup , there is only one team from Spain allowed to take part.

How many players are on a soccer team in the world cup?

It depends on how many players the coaches want. If they want alot of subs then they can have alot of players. if they didn't want alot of subs then they won't have alot of players on the team. If you are playing with 12 players they don't want over 50 subs do they? i don't think so.

How many players are allowed on a World Cup soccer roster?

Not a roster,it is a squad and it is 23.

Who where the subs when rangers won the cup winners cup?


How many US footy players are there in the world cup?

There will only be 23 footballers allowed by F.I.F.A.

How many players on world cup squad?

Each team had only 23 players allowed.

Were substitutes allowed in the 1966 World Cup?

No substitutes were allowed for any reason in the 1966 World Cup. Some previous finals had allowed substitutions for injury and from 1970 substitutes were allowed for tactical purposes.