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there can be two sidewall strings, 1 top string, and 3 shooting strings

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Q: How many strings can you have on a lacrosse stick?
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How many shooting strings can you have on a lacrosse stick?


What is a sidewall on a lacrosse stick?

the strings that hold the mesh to the side walls of the stick

Tightening a Lacrosse stick?

When you first get a lacrosse stick,it will be very tight.But, if you look under the stick head, there will be 4 strings. Place a lacrosse ball in your stick head it should make the netting go down. Tighten the strings until the ball is sitting snugly in the stick head.

Do shooting strings on a lacrosse stick actually increase the speed of your shot?

it does help if you have them and they really needed but it is your lacrosse stick and your ideas

Can you dye lacrosse stick strings too?

I think so.

Which strings are which on a girls lacrosse stick?

The two strings in the middle are the shooting strings and the ones on the outside help control the ball when cradling.

What kind of tape should you use to tape a lacrosse stick?

Regular athletic tape can be used on a lacrosse stick for taping down strings or marking hand positioning. If the lacrosse stick is broken, it cannot be fixed using tape.

What is the best way to put shooting strings in a lacrosse stick?

3 string straight across

How do you make a old beat up lacrosse stick look nicer?

Replace the mesh,shooting strings,sidewall strings, dye the head.

What all comes in a lacrosse stringing kit?

mesh, the shooting string and other strings to string ur stick

What do leathers do in lacrosse strings?

For a traditional pocket, they have no use in a mesh pocket unless it is an open sidewall goalie stick.

Do shooting strings on a lacrosse stick increase the speed of your shot?

No. It just makes your shot more accurate. Or it also helps if you want some whip on your stick.

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