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Josh Beckett had 194 strikeouts in 200 2/3 innings in the 2007 season.

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Q: How many strikeouts did Josh Beckett record in 2007?
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Josh beckett ERA in 2007?

Josh Beckett's ERA in 2007 was 4.74.

Who led the team in wins in 2007 for the Boston Red Sox?

It was Josh Beckett, with a record of 20-7.

What is josh beckett's greatest accomplishment?

"Josh Beckett was a 3 time all-star. He was an all-star in 2007, 2009 and 2011."

Who led the Boston Red Sox in wins for 2007?

Josh Beckett

Who earns the win for the 2007 All-Star Game?

Josh Beckett

What is the birth name of Josh Beckett?

Josh Beckett's birth name is Joshua Patrick Beckett.

What is Josh Beckett's birthday?

Josh Beckett was born on May 15, 1980.

When was Josh Beckett born?

Josh Beckett was born on May 15, 1980.

What pitcher led the Red Sox in wins for the 2007 season?

Josh Beckett with 20.

Did josh Beckett win the cy in 2007?

No, C.C. Sabathia won it when he pitched for Cleveland.

Does Josh Beckett bat right or left?

MLB player Josh Beckett bats right.

Does Josh Beckett throw right or left?

MLB player Josh Beckett throws right.

How much does Josh Beckett weigh?

MLB player Josh Beckett weighs 230 pounds.

What MLB team does Josh Beckett play for?

Josh Beckett plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What position does Josh Beckett play?

Josh Beckett is a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

What pitcher holds the MLB record for most strikeouts in a game IN 2008?

As of 6/26/08, there is a tie between Cole Hamels and Josh Beckett with 13 K's. Hamels struck out 13 in 8 innings on 6/13/08, while Beckett struck out 13 in 7 innings of work on 4/27/08.

Who is Josh Beckett?

me, Miranda

How old is Josh Beckett?

Josh Beckett is 37 years old (birthdate: May 15, 1980).

What is Josh Beckett's number on the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Josh Beckett is number 61 on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Is Josh Beckett good?


How tall is josh Beckett?


Is josh Beckett divorced?

Yes he is

What religion is Josh Beckett?


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Does Josh Beckett have a brother?

Yes, he does.