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In his rookie season of 1986, Barry Bonds stole 36 bases.

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Q: How many stolen bases did Barry Bonds have his rookie year?
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How many stolen bases does Barry Bonds have?

As of his retirement in 2007, Bonds had 514 stolen bases in his MLB career.

How many stolen bases did Barry Bonds have in 2001 the year he set home run record?

In 2001, Barry Bonds stole 13 bases.

Did Barry Bonds have 40 stolen bases in one season?

Yes, Bonds career high in stolen bases was 52 for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1990. He also stole 43 bases for the Pirates in 1991 and 40 bases for the Giants in 1996.

What player had 500 career stolen bases and had 500 career home runs?

Barry Bonds ... 762 career home runs and 514 career stolen bases.

What Baseball players have 50 home runs - 40 stolen bases in single season?

brady Anderson, barry bonds

Is Barry Bonds a member of the 40-40 club?

Yes ... Barry hit 42 home runs and had 40 stolen bases for the San Francisco Giants in 1996.

Most stolen bases by a rookie?

Second base is the most stolen by a rookie. This happens because they are after the person going to 3rd. St. Louis Cardinal Vince Coleman stole the most bases for a rookie in 1985 (110 bases).

When did Barry Bonds play for the Pitsburg Pirates?

1986-1992.In his 7 seasons in Pittsburgh, Bonds batted .275 with 176 HRs, 556 RBIs, and 251 stolen bases.

Who were the only major leaguers to have 400 home runs and 300 stolen bases?

barry bonds and willie mays. Also Andre Dawson and Alex Rodriguez.

Who led major league baseball in home runs and stolen bases?

The All Time leader with the most Homeruns in their career is Barry Bonds and the player with the most stolen bases in their career is Rickey Henderson who had stolen 1,406 bases in his career, the player who has stolen the most bases in a single season is Hugh Nicol who had stolen 138 bases while he was with Cincinnati as part of the 1887 campaign and Rickey Henderson was the leader in stolen bases for the 1982 season while with the Oakland Athletics due to stealing a total of 130 bases.

Who ran the bases the slowest?

Barry Bonds or Frank Thoamos

What players have 3000 hits 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases?

In MLB, no one ... the closest is Barry Bonds who had 762 HRs and 514 SBs and 2935 hits.

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