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Alex Rodriguez had 18 stolen bases in 2008 for the New York Yankees.

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Q: How many stolen bases did Alex Rodriguez have in 2008?
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How many stolen bases did Alex Rodriguez have in 2010?

Alex Rodriguez stole four bases in 2010.

Who has the Most career stolen bases with no triples?

Alex Rodriguez?

How many bases has Alex Rodriguez stolen in his career?

Through August 12, 2016, Alex Rodriguez had 329 career stolen bases. He was caught stealing 76 times overall.

How many home runs did Alex Rodriguez have in 2008 season?

Alex Rodriguez hit 35 home runs in 2008 for the New York Yankees.

How many stolen bases does Andruw Jones have?

Andruw Jones had 152 career stolen bases during his major-league career (1996-2012). He was caught stealing 59 times.

How many at bats has Alex Rodriguez had in his career with the bases loaded?


How many children does Alex Rodriguez have?

Alex Rodriguez has two children. Natasha Alexander, born on 18th November 2004, and Ella Rodriguez born on 21st April 2008.

How many current major league baseball players have 2500 hits and 300 stolen bases?

Through games played on May 31, 2011, 4 ... 1) Derek Jeter of the Yankees with 2983 hits and 328 stolen bases. 2) Omar Vizquel of the White Sox with 2819 hits and 401 stolen bases. 3) Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees with 2726 hits and 304 stolen bases. 4) Johnny Damon of the Rays with 2626 hits and 391 stolen bases.

Who did Alex Rodriguez married?

As of July 2014, Alex Rodriguez is single. He was previously married to Cynthia Scurtis. The couple was married from 2002 until 2008.

How much was Alex Rodriguez paid in 2008 for playing baseball?

Alex Rodriguez was paid $28 mil to play third base for the New York Yankees in the 2008 season

Who is the Highest paid MLB player in 2008?

alex rodriguez

Has Alex Rodriguez played in the World Series?

Through the 2008 season, no.