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7092360 steps.

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Q: How many steps did Terry Fox take?
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How many days did Terry Fox run?

Terry fox ran 143 days for the marathon of hope.

How many kilometers did Terry Fox run?

Terry Fox Ran 5,373 Kilometers

How tall was terry fox?

Terry Fox was 5'10"

Who are Terry Fox's parents?

Terry Fox's parents are Betty Fox and Rolly Fox.

Did terry fox have a bother or a sister?

Terry Fox had an older brother, a younger brother, and a younger sister

What does ou est ne Terry Fox mean?

Où est né Terry Fox? = Where was Terry Fox born?

What are Terry Fox's famous quotes?

terry fox eve

What can you learn from terry fox?

Whatever Terry Fox knows

What is Terry fox's mom's name?

Terry Fox's mom was named Betty Fox.

Why do you run the terry fox run?

Terry Fox is a hero for many people who have cancer. We run the terry fox run because we can honor him for what he's done, but mostly, we run so we can go towards the cure.

How many awards did Terry Fox get?


How many surgeries did Terry Fox have?


In which country did terry fox get cancer?

Terry Fox was a Canadian. Known as the inspiration of the Marathon of Hope, Terry Fox died from cancer.

How would you describe terry fox?

Terry fox is loyal

What is it the real name of Terry Fox?

terrance"terry"stanley fox

How has terry fox made a difference?

Terry fox was a great runner

What was Terry Fox afraid of?

Terry Fox was afraid of nothing really. :)

Terry fox is a Canadian history?

Yes, Terry fox is canadian.

Did Terry Fox have a pet alligator?

No, Terry Fox did not have a pet alligator.

Did terry fox have any pets?

yes terry fox had a pet aligator

Middle name - Terry Fox?

Terry Fox Middle Name Was Terry:)

How many shoes did Terry Fox use?


How many kilometers did Terry Fox ran?


How many did Terry Fox run in total?


How many sisters did Terry Fox have?

Only 1, Judith Fox. He also has two brothers, Darrell Fox and Fred Fox.