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You have to trow the ball in where it was kicked out but you can back up about 5 steps to take the steps to get to the place where the ball was out.

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Q: How many steps can you take during a throw in for soccer?
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Does a U5 soccer game have to kick the ball in during a throw in?

If your local soccer league has modified the Laws of the Game for throw-in restarts, then this procedure should be followed consistently. What you describe is a very common modification for younger ages in many regions of the USA.

How many steps do you take in a soccer game?

You take about 340 steps per soccer game including kicking, sprinting and how much of the game you are in it.

How many steps is a soccer goalkeeper allowed to take?

You have an unlimited amount of steps but you must get rid of the ball in 6 seconds

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How many steps can a goalie take before they must bounce throw or kick the ball in soccer?

Any number, as long as they release it within 6 seconds. This rule is in place to prevent chronic time-wasting and will not be called for trifling offenses.

When making an overhead throw in soccer how many feet must stay in contact with the ground?

Bothe feet must remain on the ground while making an overhead throw.

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The usual number of girls that play on the field during a U9 soccer game is 6 players.

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Im sure that she got hurt at least once but there are many different ways to hurt yourself in soccer.

Do pro soccer platers wear shin guards?

Yes, many professional soccer players wear shin guards. You can see these guards during the soccer games on television, and they are often worn under the socks.

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How many players are on the soccer field during a FIFA world cup match?

Ideally, 22.

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