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Two steps without dribbling. Except for going for a lay-up. On lay-ups you can take two steps plus a jump. Also, you must pivot and turning using feet for more than 2 steps is called travelling.

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Q: How many steps can you take before traveling in the NBA?
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How many steps do you take before they call traveling?


Do you have to dribble before taking a shot?

No, you could take two steps and a hop..and it won't be traveling.

How many steps is considered traveling in national basketball asocation?

You can take three steps but you have to shoot on the third

How many steps do you take before you have to bounce the ball in AFL?

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Is it traveling when the ball leaves your hand before you move your pivot foot?

No it's not. Its traveling when you switch your pivot foot or take more than 2 steps while drivving to the basket.

Basketball traveling rules in basketball?

If someone has a ball and they take two steps without bouncing it, it is traveling.

How many steps can you take before a layup?

2, of course you have eurosteps and hopsteps.

What constitutes a traveling violation in NBA?

A traveling violation happens when you take more than two steps without dribbling the basketball. You are only allowed to take two steps without dribbling or else you have to shoot or pass.

When you take more than two steps without dribbling what is it called?

It is called traveling.

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