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Q: How many steps are allowed before shooting in high school basketball?
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How many players are allowed on a high school basketball team?

7 players are allowed on a high school basketball team

Why are guns not allowed on school grounds?

They are afraid of shooting.

How many fouls allowed in basketball?

In the NBA you are allowed to have 6 fouls, but usually you get five fouls in high school, middle school, and college basketball.

What position did lebron play in basketball during high school?

Shooting Guard!

What was the position Troy Bolton was playing in the school basketball team in High School musical?

shooting Guard

How many timeouts are you allowed during a high school basketball game?

Three full timeouts and two 30-second timeouts are allowed in high-school basketball.

In high school basketball how many players are allowed on the court?


Can you wear a shooting sleeve in high school basketball?

you cant wear it unless you have a doctors note !!

How many killed at first school shooting?

The first 'school shooting' was in in the 1800's, and involved the head teacher shooting another teacher before shooting himself in the head, so two.

Should basketball be allowed in elementary school?

if students or parents request, then it could be allowed but it is not that mandatory. happy if it helped.

How many team fouls in high school basketball before the penalty?

there are 5 fouls before the penalty in basketball..........

Can you wear a shooting sleeve when playing high school basketball?

yes, but it has to be the same color as your jersey -LeBron James

What is the foul system in basketball?

In the NBA you are allowed 6 personal fouls before being disqualified from the game. In high school, college, and international games it's 5 fouls before being disqualified.

Are girls allowed to play on boys middle school basketball team?

yes some schools do that.

When was basketball first introduced at the high school level?

Around the time basketball was invented. It hit high school before turning into the NBA.

Was the point guard allowed to cross centre line in high school basketball in the 1960's?


How many fouls are allowed per player in Iowa Boys high school basketball?

5 i think.

What was the columbine school shooting in 1999 the worst school shooting?

That was the second worst school shooting, the first one was the Virginia Tech massacre.

Where was the first school shooting?

The first U.S. school shooting was at Lumberton High School, in Lumberton, Mississippi

In high school basketball do you have to be at school on a game day?

No it actually doesn't matter as long as you get to school 4 hours before. JSN

What is the maximum number of players allowed on a high school varsity and junior varsity basketball team?

A high school team is only allowed up 15 people to dress in a game. However, a school can have an unlimited roster, although most school's do cuts.

Why was shakespeare allowed to attend school?

William Shakespeare was allowed to attend the Stratford school because his father was a bailiff. He was taught reading and writing by his mother before he began school.

Are student's in Driftwood Middle School allowed to listen to music?

Yes we are. we are allowed before school, during lunch, and after school. And any free time when your teacher tells u you can.

When did Winnenden school shooting happen?

Winnenden school shooting happened on 2009-03-11.

When did Sana'a school shooting happen?

Sana'a school shooting happened on 1997-03-30.