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Q: How many states have 8 man football high school?
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How many kids play high school football in the US?

For the 2012-2013 school year 1,088,158 high school athletes played football. Football is the top ranked participation high school sport in the United States.

How many games are in a football season in high school?

at my school there are 12

How many ft in in high school football?


How many games are played in a high school football season?

at my school there are 12

How many dciaa high school football championships have anacostia senior high school won?


How many high school football teams are there in US?


How many referees are in high school football game?


How many rounds of playoffs are there in high school football?


How many high school football teams are in Ohio?


Where is Hermitage High School located?

Hermitage High School is located in Richmond, Virginia. They offer many sports programs such as football, baseball, and soccer. The Hermitage High Panthers are the school's reigning football team.

How many girls play high school football?

No specific records are kept concerning the number of high school girls who play football. It is known, however, that many of the girls are contributors to the team.

How many loses does Mark Keppel High School have in football?

all of them