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I guess, most states in the US has ski resorts. Maybe except Texas or other deserted part of US

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โˆ™ 2012-04-19 03:35:58
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Q: How many states don't have a snow ski resort?
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Is jamboree snow resort a real snow resort?


Where is Snow Trails Resort located?

Snow Trails Resort is located in Mansfield, Ohio. Snow Trails Resort is dedicated to different types of outdoor family fun with snowboarding, skiing and snow tubing.

H ow many inches of snow does snow king resort in Jackson hole wyoming have it on slopes?

more then 1

What is the postal address of the Snow Summit resort in California?

The postal address of the Snow Summit Resort in California is currently as follows: 880 Summit Blvd Big Bear Lake, CA 92315, United States. Address correct as of today's date.

Where can one find Big Bear snow?

Big Bear Snow is located in Big Bear, California. There are many things to do here. It is a resort with snow tubing, skiing and many other sports associated with snow and winter.

How many accidents are caused from snow?

I dont know but dont eat it if its yellow.

How many inches of snow does mt hood meadows ski resort have to get to open?

30 inches

What is the highest Snow Valley ski resort?

Snow Valley is a ski resort located in Barrie, Ontario and was established in 1952. Apart from skiing there is Snow tubing and Snow shoeing. There is a half-pipe and a terrain park. The vertical of the mountain is 1,041 feet.

What ski resort was the first to use artificial snow?

Artificial snow was first used in 1952 in the Grossinger's Catskill Resort which is situated in the Catskill mountains in New York. The Arizona Snowbowl became the first resort to use artificial snow made entirely from effluent water in 2013.

How far is the Snow Valley Mountain Resort from Los Angeles?

The Snow Valley Mountain Resort is 138km (85 miles) from Los Angeles. The resort offers both daytime and nighttime skiing, as well as sled rides for the less adventurous.

In what province is Whistler Snow Resort located in?

Whistler Snow Resort is located in the British Columbia region of Canada. It features over 100 various skiing and snowboarding runs of varying difficulty.

How many snow plows are in Georgia?

13 snow plows. The state is very cheap and dont want to waste money..

What states does not have snow?

None, all states have had snow before

How many ski resorts are there in Ohio?

Two answers after a merge:SixThere are four currently in operation:Alpine Valley Snow Ski Area - ChesterfieldBoston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort - PeninsulaSnow Trails Ski Resort - MansfieldMad River Mountain Snow Ski Resort - Bellefontaine

Where can one find a vacation package to Sunrise ski resort?

If one were looking for Sunrise Park Ski Resort, one could go to "On The Snow" website. It lists many different packages to go to the Sunrise Park Resort and lists all of the travel deals.

What island would most likely be a good place to snow ski in Japan?

The Island of Japan has many snow ski resorts to choose from on the island. The mountain regions all have some sort of resort for either the beginner or the very experienced snow skier.

What are characteristic of snow?

It is white. Snow is made from water. Dont eat yellow snow.

What are the ski options on the Steamboat Colorado Resort?

The Steamboat Colorado Resort offers many rental options for ski rentals. They provide skis for beginner, advanced and intermediate. The also provide snowboard and snow bikes for rental.

What is a skiing resort developed for?

A ski resort is developed on mountains that have snow year round. They are developed to provide entertainment in the sport of skiing, snowboarding and sledding.

What southern states have snow in December?

Southern states that have snow in December are Alabama and Tennessee. Texas and Georgia can get snow in December too.

How do countries get so much snow?

The magic Snow fairies sprinkle snow on countries they dont like

How does the Bahamas celebrate Christmas?

they dont have that much snow. whell they dont have any snow!

In what country is Mount Sunapee?

It is located in the United States of America. The Mount Sunapee is a snow resort where you can ski, snowboard or go to adventure parks and it is only located 90 minutes away from Boston!

Are there any snow on Uranus?

i think there is snow on uranus but i dont know for sure

Is there snowflakes on Mars?

yes- i dont know about actual snow flakes, but there is snow.