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The 2013 NCAA men's Basketball tournament included teams from 31 states and the District of Columbia.

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Q: How many states are represented in this years NCAA basketball tournament?
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What are three major basketball tournaments?

The first and most well known major basketball tournament is the NBA Playoffs. In college, it is a 64 team tournament known as March Madness. There is also a tournament every four years in the Olympic Games. There is also the NIT tournament in college, and FIBA Tournament in international play.

How many times has Bulter participated in the NCAA tournament?

Through 2013, Butler University has made appearances 12 years in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Which colleges are participating in the 2007 NCAA basketball Tournament Bracket?

The tournament was held 5 years ago. Click the link to see the brackets and teams that played.

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Who has the most NCAA tournament wins in the last 5 years?

who has the most NCAA Tourney basketball wins in the last 5 years

How many years has western Michigan made the NCAA basketball tournament?

Three. 1976, 1998, 2004.

When was the last time the University of Kansas did not make an appearance in the NCAA tournament in basketball?

22 years ago.

Will marylands mens basketball team make 07-08 NCAA tournament?

This statement needs to be in the past tense since it is several years since the 07-08 NCAA tournament, although they did not make the tournament. The winner in 2008 was Kansas.

When was the first basketball league for girls launched in the United States?

The first basketball league for girls in the United States was launched in the year 1898. Basketball has been around for many years for girl basketball players.

How many times have the Kansas Jayhawks been in the March Madness tournament out of all their years?

2013 marks the 42nd year that Kansas has participated in the NCAA men's basketball tournament known as "March Madness."

How many college basketball teams make the NCAA touurnament?

Over the years the NCAA tournament has expanded to include more and more teams. Today, the total number of teams that make the tournament stands at 68.

What is the winning-est team in college basketball over the last 10 years never to have made the NCAA tournament in that span?

No one good

Where will this years womens NCAA finals be played?

The 2010 NCAA Division 1 Womens Basketball Tournament will be played in San Antonio Texas

Best basketball player in albemarle?

Devin Dudley I think the best girl's basketball player was All Conference, All Tournament, All State, Claudia Hall and she still holds the school record for the most points scored in one game, which is 41. She has held this record since 1962 and represented Albemarle in the East-West Allstar Game in March of 1962. I have to say she is the best girl's basketball player that Albemarle has had in the last 50 years.

Did the University of Florida basketball team make it to the NCAA tournament?

No, for the past two years, the University of Florida has not been intivited to the NCAA's but has been a number one seed in the NIT for the past two years

What are the qualifications of a member of the house of representatives?

25 years old, lived 7 years in the united states, and live in the state district represented

How much does each ncaa basketball tournament team make per round in tournament?

There is a complicated system to determine how much money teams get from the NCAA tournament. The money is based on how many sports the team plays, how many scholarships are given out and how well the school has done in the past six years. It is not based on rounds played but that does go into the system.

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A junior tennis open is a competitive tennis tournament for players in the United States 18 years of age and younger.

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Where is the Gonzaga University campus located?

Gonzaga university is located in Spokane, Washington. The Zephyrs have become well known over the last several years for the quality of their basketball teams in the NCAA tournament.