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Q: How many state football championships do asbury park have?
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How many championships does penn state football have?

Penn State- 9 Championships

How many state football championships has cardinal mooney won?


How many championships does Ohio State U have in football?

Ohio State has 5 solo championships and 2 shared championships that the school considers titles, so they have 7 total.

How many NCAA football championships has the University of Ohio State won?


How many football national championships has Ohio state university won?


How many NCAA football championships has the university of boise state won?


How many championships have Pine Bluff won?

The Pine Bluff High School Zebras have 21 State Championships in Football.

How many championships has the Florida State University football team won?

1993 and 1999

How many NCAA football national championships has Louisiana State University won?


How many championships does Texas have football?

15 championships

How many NCAA championships has the North Carolina State Wolfpack football team won?


How many football state championships has plano east Texas won?

0 none nada