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In MLB, there are three stadiums still in use (2008 season) that would have to use artificial turf instead of grass: Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Toronto. These three stadiums are the last domes in use, and in the case of Minnesota and Tampa Bay there are plans to replace their stadiums in the next five years.

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Q: How many stadiums have artificial surfaces instead of grass?
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What types of playing surfaces are there in rugby?

Grass, artificial turf

Do all football fields use artificial grass?

No some football fields use natural grass. Most football stadiums are switching to artificial turf because it is cheaper and easier to maintain.

What are some common uses for artificial grass?

The most well-known use for artificial grass is for use in a variety of sports venues. Football and baseball stadiums have long used artificial grass, but more and more commercial and residential customers have been using it as well.

How many NFL stadiums have real grass?

there are 20 stadiums with natural grass left

What do NFL players play on grass or turf?

Some stadiums have grass and some stadiums have turf.

What type of surfaces are used for playing football?

Natural grass, artificial turf, and the new manufactured turf which looks like grass but made out of rubber.

What surface are baseball games played on?

Baseball games are played on both natural grass surfaces and artificial turf.

Is the new Yankee Stadiums field grass or turf?


How many baseball stadiums have artificial grass?

Only two ballparks in MLB still use artificial turf. Rogers Center (Toronto Blue Jays) and Tropicana Field (Tampa Bay Rays).

What is astroturf?

Astroturf is a type of artificial turf used to mimic grass. While not the same as grass, the cost of laying AstroTurf, especially in indoor stadiums, is much cheaper then laying natural turf and maintaining it.

Is Yankee Stadium grass or turf?

Both Stadiums have been grass.

What type of grass is used for football fields?

Most indoor stadiums use AstroTurf and outdoor stadiums use natural grass. Also most use green grass!:)

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