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The World Cup will be hosted in 10 stadiums.

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Q: How many stadiums does South Africa have?
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What are the world cup stadiums called 2010?

its in south Africa

How many stadiums are going to be used in the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa?

10 stadiums in 9 different cities hosted the matches.

How many football staduims are there in south Africa?

I think there are eight football stadiums for the 2010 world cup.

What are the stadiums for the World Cup 2010?

South Africa: Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg

Where was the 2010 world cup located at?

It was located in 8 different stadiums in South Africa

Why was South Africa in a recession?

because they spent all of their money building the world cup stadiums

What soccer stadiums are there in South Africa?

there are two staduims in afica one called simmy and one called gina

Which stadium in south Africa is the FIFA World Cup going to be held?

there are multiple stadiums in the fifa world cup

How did south Africa benefit from the fifa world cup?

South Africa benefited from the world cup , as work was available to biuld the stadiums, taxi drivers, hotels all did brisk business.

What are the geographic features in South Africa?

Major roads, stadiums, sporting events and sporting grounds. Biological features are created by the environment.

What will south Africa lose out from when being the host for the world cup?

The big loss may be that the stadiums may be white elephants in the end.

Where in south Africa do they play soccer?

In football stadiums,pitches the streets playgerounds gardens.... basically anywere you would play it they play it

How has the world cup helped south Africa?

It helped, hotels, transport, airlines, taxis and men got work building the stadiums.

How many countries in south africa?

South Africa IS a country

How many countries are in South Africa?

South Africa has no countries

Where is the plateau of South Africa?

There are many plateaus in South Africa

How many psychiatrists are there in south Africa?

2,222,222,222,228,595,652 psychiatrists are in South Africa.

How many continents does South Africa have?

South Africa does not have any continents

How many continents are in South Africa?

There are NO continents in South Africa. South Africa is one of the nations on the African continent.

How many medals does South Africa have?

how many medels does africa have

Does South Africa export products to Africa?

South Africa is in Africa. It exports products to many other countries in Africa.

What game should you buy FIFA 10 or South Africa 10.?

if you like to play more with international teams, south Africa is the best bet. if you like playing with clubs and compete in tournaments such as the champions league, the spanish cup, and any other global cups, fifa 10 is better. they both have the same gameplay and controls but the south Africa one takes place in the world cup stadiums in s, Africa. while fifa 10 plays more in club stadiums

What is the link to a website that has photos of all the stadiums in South Africa where the FIFA World Cup 2010 matches will be played?

See the Related links below.

When did fifa announce south Africa is going to host 2010?

They announce the country at least eight years in advance as new stadiums transport are to be made.

How many nations in South Africa?

One."South Africa" is short for the Republic of South Africa - it's one country.